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    The TechQuilibrium buzz and it's importance

    7 Nov., 2019

    What is TechQuilibrium? A balancing point where the business has the right mix of traditional and digital capabilities and assets, to power the...

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    Best practices on how to secure Salesforce with eperi

    3 Sep., 2019

    As a global leader of CRM solutions, Salesforce Sales Cloud is the go-to-solution for enterprises to move their Customer Relationship Management to...

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    The Banking and Fintech industry must take back control of their own data in public cloud

    22 Aug., 2019

    2019 saw two major attacks within the banking sector, one on Capital One and the other was on the Desjardins Group. Besides the loss of customer...

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    eperi Gateway for Salesforce: The enabler for your cloud strategy

    14 Aug., 2019

    Substantial fines imposed for data breaches on British Airways, Capital One and Marriott Hotels only suggest that regulators are getting more serious...

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    How eperi can help you with test data generation

    31 Jul., 2019

    The eperi Gateway includes multiple functions that focus on protecting cloud data – but also meet general data protection requirements at the same...

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    Swiss financial services company converts original data to anonymized test data

    24 Jul., 2019

    A well-known Swiss financial services provider, which also issues credit cards, needs to test its own software on a regular basis. Its application is...

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    Test data in the cloud: data protection is crucial

    17 Jul., 2019

    A software product must undergo various test phases before it’s put into production, and that requires the use of standardized data that simulates...

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    Why unclouding is totally unnecessary

    17 Jun., 2019

    It appears that some companies are finding it too risky to store personal data and sensitive information in the cloud. According to the Cloud Data...

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    Hacker attack on 12 million patient records at lab service provider

    6 Jun., 2019

    Do you assume that your doctor or lab service provider isn’t going to share your test results with the rest of the world? After all, your doctor is...

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    Instagram and Google store login data unprotected

    31 May., 2019

    Same data breach, different platform. This time Instagram and Google G Suite have been caught. In both cases, unprotected data was stored in the...

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    Cloud usage: better safe than sorry

    22 May., 2019

    Sensitive personnel data, secret business data, confidential finance reports - all stored in the cloud? For many people and companies this does not...

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    BSI Cyber Security Survey: quo vadis, Germany?

    7 May., 2019

    The current Cyber Security Survey of the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) should alert every CISO in Germany: Almost half of all large...

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    Which data should companies encrypt?

    30 Apr., 2019

    We are often asked the question: "Which data do I actually have to encrypt as a company?" Answering this question is not as difficult as many people...

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    Security issues in Office 365: Microsoft violates privacy policy

    24 Apr., 2019

    It appears that Microsoft is taking European data protection rules somewhat lightly. According to iX magazine, the company transfers personal data to...

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    Attack on Microsoft Web Mail Services

    16 Apr., 2019

    Now it's hit another global player: At Microsoft, unknown attackers had access to Microsoft Web Mail services between January and March 2019. They...

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