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    Security risk: Federal police store data on Amazon servers

    5 Mar., 2019

    Police footage on Amazon servers? Apparently this is not a problem for the German Federal Police. After all, Amazon is currently the only provider...

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    More cyber attacks on critical infrastructures: Cloud data protection becomes essential

    21 Feb., 2019

    Traffic chaos, failure of heating or air conditioning, food and water shortages, lack of petrol - what sounds like an apocalyptic disaster film...

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    digital data protection of the future: eperi is state-of-the-art technology

    19 Feb., 2019

    Encryption gateways such as the eperi gateway are state of the art when it comes to protecting decentralized cloud structures, according to the...

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    Will companies soon be forced to encrypt?

    29 Jan., 2019

    Nobody can prevent data from being stolen, but encryption can at least prevent attackers from using stolen data. This is a fundamental security...

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    GDPR: France punishes Google

    25 Jan., 2019

    French data protection officers are messing with the big ones: the French data protection authority "Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des...

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    4 IT Audit Mistakes to Avoid

    19 Oct., 2018

    IT audits can be daunting for many companies. Mistakes seem inevitable for complex enterprise organizations, but don’t they have to be. With some...

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    What to Look for When Recruiting a Chief Security Officer

    2 Oct., 2018

    With data breaches a near-constant headline, the search for the perfect Chief Security Officer is on. If you don’t have one, now’s the time to get...

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    How to Minimize Shadow IT in Your Enterprise

    24 Sep., 2018

    Shadow IT remains a thorn in the side of enterprise organizations trying to prevent the next big data breach. Here’s why shadow IT is an issue for...

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    Data Exposures Decreased Compared to this Time Last Year – Let’s Keep it That Way

    19 Sep., 2018

    We’re more than halfway through the year now, and there’s some good news in the world of data breaches. Well, maybe not “good” so much as...

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    5 Security Compliance Benefits for Your Company

    17 Sep., 2018

    Security compliance may seem like a hassle for an enterprise organization, but there are several benefits that every CEO and IT professional...

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    4 Top Reasons Financial Services Should Join the Cloud

    31 Aug., 2018

    Enterprise companies are spending more on the cloud in 2018. Financial services, which harvest the credit card info and sensitive data of...

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    Cloud Security Remains an Issue for Many Enterprise Companies

    20 Aug., 2018

    Despite some progress, cloud security remains a challenge for many enterprise companies according to the recent Gemalto/Ponemon Institute Global...

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    Is the US Working on a Federal Data Privacy Policy Similar to the GDPR?

    31 Jul., 2018

    There is still no nationwide privacy policy in the U.S. That could change soon.

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    Why Encrypted Messaging is a Must for Enterprise Companies

    30 Jul., 2018

    Cloud productivity and collaboration software has made it easier than ever to communicate with co-workers. But you should be using encrypted...

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    4 Reasons Digital Encryption is Needed Now More Than Ever

    23 Jul., 2018

    Digital encryption remains a vital necessity for enterprise companies that collect, handle, and store sensitive information in the cloud. Here’s...

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