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    Information Privacy: Does it Exist in the Modern Age?

    8 Jun., 2018

    Information privacy could make a comeback in the modern, digital age with the help of global legislation and enterprise-level encryption.

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    How eperi can help to achieve compliance with strict data residency requirements

    6 Jun., 2018

    ‘Data residency’ is a relatively new term currently making the rounds in the global IT community: one that raises many questions and which should...

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    Businesses And Security Pros Differ In Opinion Towards Cyber Preparation

    4 Jun., 2018

    According to the latest survey results from the Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP), 66% of business leaders feel they have...

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    GLBA: Who it Affects and How to Comply

    1 Jun., 2018

    The GLBA is one of many data privacy laws that protect customer information. Find out what it is and how to reach compliance.

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    The HIPAA Privacy Rule: A Primer on How to Protect Sensitive Health Data

    29 May., 2018

    The HIPAA privacy rule protects patient and employee health data. To protect that sensitive information, follow this quick primer.

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    Penalties handed out by the ICO reached over £4m in 2017

    24 May., 2018

    The fourth annual PwC Privacy and Security Enforcement Tracker has been released and has revealed that the Information Commissioners Office (ICO)...

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    Future is bright with the arrival of new data protection laws

    22 May., 2018

    2018 seems to be the year for data protection as Europe and Australia both welcome new data security laws in an effort to reduce the number of...

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    eperi Blog Shortlisted in the European Cyber Security Bloggers Awards 2018

    17 May., 2018

    We’re thrilled to announce that the eperi Blog has been shortlisted in three categories for the 2018 European Cyber Security Bloggers Awards: Best...

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    Data Privacy Law in the U.S. is About to Change in a Big Way

    16 May., 2018

    Data privacy law has gone mainstream in the United States thanks to the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook scandal.

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    Financial Sector Globally Still Not Ready of GDPR

    15 May., 2018

    So, with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) edging closer to becoming implemented, organizations are sitting tight, ready for...

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    Details of one of the largest data breaches in history revealed

    14 May., 2018

    Ranked as the fourth largest data breach of the 21st century, in July 2017, the credit monitoring company Equifax admitted to exposing the details...

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    All-round protection for the Office 365 cloud from eperi

    11 May., 2018

    Microsoft Office 365 provides the familiar Exchange and Office working environment but with all of the advantages a cloud infrastructure has to...

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    PCI Compliance: What It Is and How to Achieve It

    9 May., 2018

    Is your organization PCI compliant? If not, you could be susceptible to a credit card data breach. Here’s what PCI compliance means for your...

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    European organizations display unwillingness towards multi-cloud adoption

    7 May., 2018

    The latest research by IDC, looking into cloud adoption, has revealed that only 10% of European organizations are ready to migrate their business...

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    EU GDPR: How you can use eperi Cloud Data Protection to reduce your due diligence work when using cloud services

    3 May., 2018

    The EU GDPR has finally entered into full force and with it, a large body of work and efforts in relation to the protection of privacy and...

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