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Develop Your Own Template – why it’s often easier to do it yourself

5 Mar., 2020

If you’re a passionate do-it-yourselfer or handyman, you can always spot something that needs doing in your home. A lick of paint for the living room wall, an old cupboard to restore, or a new garden table that you want to build from scratch. 



The advantages of DIY are obvious: you can be more flexible, work on the project in your own way and don’t need to depend on outside help. So what if you could apply that principle to software solutions? Here at eperi, that’s what we wondered too – so we decided to offer our partners a template that you can use to develop your own adapter for the eperi Gateway. 

With Develop Your Own Template, the Gateway is connected to the application so that sensitive data is encrypted before it’s transferred to the cloud. You still get all the benefits of eperi’s proven security solution and don’t need to program anything yourself. All that gives you several advantages. First, you save valuable time and money. Second, it will be easy to maintain. And third: your security solution will be top-quality. You won’t risk including security vulnerabilities by accident, even with a DIY template

With the advent of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and numerous other national and international data security laws, companies must get back the control over their own data if they want to be able to work securely in a flexible cloud environment. Any company collecting personally identifiable information (PII) about people living in the EU is subject to these requirements – and faces dramatic punishment if it doesn’t comply with them. With the eperi Develop Your Own Template approach, each company looks after its own encryption process. In other words: it gets back the control over its data.

Several cloud applications are already secured by Develop Your Own Template. One of those is SAP SuccessFactors, a human capital management (HCM) cloud solution that’s used around the world, typically by HR departments. One of our public sector customers was planning to use this application but was faced with a problem. As it was working with sensitive employee data and there was no on-premises version available, the firm was not able to use the solution.

The customer needed an easy-to-use solution. As it doesn’t have an in-house development team, it asked an eperi Development Partner, PROFI Engineering Systems AG, to create a template for the eperi Gateway that would support SAP SuccessFactors. Following thorough training by eperi and the provision of manuals and sample templates, the partner was then able to write the template for the customer.

The eperi Gateway is an encryption proxy that encrypts personal data. As such, the information is no longer considered as PII and can be stored externally in the cloud with no problems. With the eperi templates, you can easily leverage standard Gateway functions, such as anonymization, pseudonymization and searches on encrypted data. They work for applications you’ve developed yourself as well as for cloud solutions you sell to other customers. That means you can use eperi Develop Your Own Template to add an extra level of security to your standard or custom applications with no need to make changes to them.

If you’re planning to actively focus on GDPR-compliant cloud data protection – either for your own company or as a partner for your customers – our team of specialists would be happy to hear from you. Contact us. 

About the author:

Dominik Kowol
Technical Product Manager
eperi GmbH


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