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eperi Gateway for Salesforce: The enabler for your cloud strategy

14 Aug., 2019

Substantial fines imposed for data breaches on British Airways, Capital One and Marriott Hotels only suggest that regulators are getting more serious about data breaches and its protection. As more and more applications become cloud-based protecting, securing data is no longer just a technical topic and needs the attention of all levels including the management. With the eperi Gateway for Salesforce, cloud data protection has never been easier, and it complies with GDPR, state secret protection laws and industry regulations.

Blog_Salesforce1_800x800Why does your company need the eperi gateway for Salesforce?

eperi Cloud Data Protection for Salesforce is the ideal addition to the security and data protection features provided by Salesforce. It extends Salesforce’s built-in security capabilities with a central data protection and compliance platform that gives you precise and transparent encryption and, tokenization under your sole control.

As a CRM business user, you collaborate through your global Salesforce CRM solution with all your internal and external business relationships. The good thing is: with eperi you can still use the business-relevant Salesforce functionalities while staying compliant to data protection.

To simplify it further what it means is that, the opportunities, case, contact or account management and other features in Salesforce can be used without restrictions and only your company can read the restricted data, which goes into the system - not hackers, not cloud providers, not externals and not even eperi. The result: your Salesforce users will not recognize it, your CISO will love it and your customers will thank you.

Salesforce is just the start. With eperi you can protect data from multiple cloud and web applications without additional development.

How does it work?

The eperi Gateway plays a vital role between your Salesforce cloud application and the CRM user. Once installed your organization decides which objects and fields should be protected via eperi’s flexible tokenization and encryption services. It also works of course for standard fields and also for your custom objects - just with a click! One of the biggest advantages in comparison to the Salesforce Shield, is that your cloud provider has no access to the encrypted data. The eperi gateway is installed on-premise at your enterprise data center under your sole control enabling the best of breed security.

Screenshot_SF1_Klartext          Screenshot_SF1_verschlüsselt


Secure and protect your Salesforce data now

We strongly believe that the enterprise is the one that controls data and its protection and security. Let’s connect to discuss your Salesforce journey and how we at eperi can enable you and your organization with a tailored cloud data protection solution from eperi.


Contact us: salescontact@eperi.com
Author: Georg Gütschow - Technical Product Manager



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