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Data Privacy Act: A Brief History of Modern Data Privacy Laws

10 Apr., 2018

Data privacy acts have been around a lot longer than you may remember. As the GDPR gets ready to go into effect, find out how data privacy laws have...

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Encryption adoption increasing

9 Apr., 2018

The latest Thales eSecurity and Ponemon Institute survey, which had a total of 5,252 respondents, has revealed that organizations are seeking...

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New report exposes heightened concern for lack of cybersecurity skills in the cloud

5 Apr., 2018

A recent report entitled the 2018 Cloud Security Report from Crowd Research Partners paints a pretty bleak picture of the information security...

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How Privacy Protection Differs in the United States and Europe

4 Apr., 2018

Privacy protection has been a major concern for Europe and its citizens—not so much in the United States. But the recent Facebook scandal and the...

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Users of UK payday lender suffer stolen credentials

3 Apr., 2018

Payday lender Trusted Quid has become the latest organization to suffer a reported data breach which affected 66,000 of its customers.

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Encryption software market set to grow to almost $13 billion by 2022

28 Mar., 2018

A new report from Research and Markets has pointed to a sharp increase in demand for encryption software market, which is set to grow at a rate of...

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Facebook Data Breach Notification Failure Signifies the Need for GDPR

27 Mar., 2018

Data breach notification shouldn’t take several years. Considering the latest Facebook data debacle, here’s why the GDPR and data breach notification...

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Organizations neglecting data protection duties

19 Mar., 2018

You would have thought data security and privacy would be a concern for organizations to prioritize, especially given the recent spate of data...

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5 IT Compliance Tips to Meet GDPR Standards

16 Mar., 2018

The GDPR is right over the horizon. Enterprise companies only have weeks to go before it goes into full effect, so here are five quick IT compliance...

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Cybersecurity Investments - Ensure the Right Solutions Are Purchased

15 Mar., 2018

The latest Juniper Research has revealed that in 2022, global businesses are expected to spend $134 billion on cybersecurity solutions, which will...

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Londoners lose £26 million per month to cyber crime

9 Mar., 2018

Scotland Yard is warning of the stark reality that Londoners are losing on average £26 million a month due to cyber fraud and attacks on businesses...

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Enterprises label cyber attacks as their main concern to business

8 Mar., 2018

It has been revealed that cyber attacks are quickly becoming the No.1 risk to businesses, brands, operations and financials according to the latest...

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4 Signs Your Enterprise Business Must Move to the Cloud

7 Mar., 2018

On-premise systems may have worked in the past, but as business and computing continues to evolve the need for more flexible solutions must also...

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London taking GDPR seriously

5 Mar., 2018

Councils in the UK’s capital have already begun preparing for the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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Encryption: The Method Makes The Difference

2 Mar., 2018

New regulations are now compelling company decision-makers to take a hard look at the compliance and data protection measures put in place by cloud...

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