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Why Utilizing Encryption Technology Could Save Your Company From Serious Breaches

23 Jan., 2018

The threat of data theft from large corporations by malicious attackers is an everyday reality now. Here’s why encryption technology could save...

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With Increased Cloud Adoption Comes Even More Risk For The Data

19 Jan., 2018

Who oversees security in the cloud? The cloud provider? The cloud user? Or is it both? Either way, there seems to be an air of uncertainty when it...

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Survey reveals CISOs lack confidence when it comes to keeping up with cyber attackers

18 Jan., 2018

CISOs are feeling less confident than ever about cybersecurity.

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How to Determine if you Need a Cloud Access Security Broker

17 Jan., 2018

With the cloud becoming a prevalent force in many enterprise companies, Cloud Access Security Brokers are becoming a big deal. Here's how to find...

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Why Data Sovereignty is Transforming Cloud Services Adoption and How it Will Affect Your Business

16 Jan., 2018

Like people, digital data can’t just travel wherever it wants. Learn how data sovereignty is changing the adoption of the cloud and how it’s...

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Social Networking site provides encrypted open-sourced security for group chat

15 Jan., 2018

The online social media and social networking behemoth known as Facebook has incorporated encryption technology within one of its new tools.

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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Modern Cloud Data Encryption

12 Jan., 2018

More and more enterprise companies are adopting the cloud to store and transfer valuable data. Here are five things you may not know about modern...

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Mobile retailer under fire for data breach

11 Jan., 2018

Just a few days into 2018 and already the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is back to work issuing fines for companies who have been...

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Data Protection by Pseudonymization

10 Jan., 2018

Pseudonymization and anonymization are two options available to companies aiming to implement an important principle of the European General Data...

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Lapse in encryption security blamed for data breach at American Retailer

8 Jan., 2018

We are less than a week into the New Year and there is already news related to data breaches, malware and encryption.

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How to Protect Your Cloud Data from Hackers

4 Jan., 2018

Sensitive customer information stored in cloud applications is highly vulnerable to attacks from malicious outsiders. Protect your cloud data from...

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Can Better Cloud App Security Cut Down on Data Breaches?

28 Dec., 2017

The increase in data breaches targeting enterprise companies shows no signs of slowing down. Can stricter regulations and better cloud app...

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Massive leak of data exposes every single household in America

22 Dec., 2017

Another Amazon Web Services S3 cloud storage bucket has once again been left misconfigured and left exposed on the internet where anyone with a...

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5 Ways the General Data Protection Regulation Will Affect Cloud Services

21 Dec., 2017

The GDPR begins enforcement in May and it will change the cloud service landscape forever. Here’s how.

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What is a CASB and Why Does it Matter for Your Enterprise?

19 Dec., 2017

What is a CASB?

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