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    Cybersecurity Investments - Ensure the Right Solutions Are Purchased

    15 Mar., 2018

    The latest Juniper Research has revealed that in 2022, global businesses are expected to spend $134 billion on cybersecurity solutions, which will...

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    Londoners lose £26 million per month to cyber crime

    9 Mar., 2018

    Scotland Yard is warning of the stark reality that Londoners are losing on average £26 million a month due to cyber fraud and attacks on businesses...

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    Enterprises label cyber attacks as their main concern to business

    8 Mar., 2018

    It has been revealed that cyber attacks are quickly becoming the No.1 risk to businesses, brands, operations and financials according to the latest...

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    4 Signs Your Enterprise Business Must Move to the Cloud

    7 Mar., 2018

    On-premise systems may have worked in the past, but as business and computing continues to evolve the need for more flexible solutions must also...

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    London taking GDPR seriously

    5 Mar., 2018

    Councils in the UK’s capital have already begun preparing for the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

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    Encryption: The Method Makes The Difference

    2 Mar., 2018

    New regulations are now compelling company decision-makers to take a hard look at the compliance and data protection measures put in place by cloud...

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    New report points to a number of weak spots in UK’s Critical National Infrastructure

    1 Mar., 2018

    A new report evaluating the state of the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) has revealed that the Emergency Services sector are most at risk...

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    What is Tokenization and Encryption?

    28 Feb., 2018

    What’s tokenization? Is that different from encryption? Here’s a breakdown of the differences and similarities between the two, and how they can help...

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    UK Councils hit by 37 cyber attacks per minute

    23 Feb., 2018

    New report finds more than 25% of UK councils have had their computer systems breached in the past five years.

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    4 Ways the GDPR Updates the Data Protection Directive

    22 Feb., 2018

    The Data Protection Directive was ahead of the curve in its attempt to protect the data of European Union citizens. Here’s how the GDPR updates the...

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    The Year of the Data Protection Officer

    21 Feb., 2018

    2018 will see Data Protection Officers become mandatory for many organizations that plan to do business in Europe. So, what is driving this demand...

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    How to Boost Your Office 365 Email Encryption

    16 Feb., 2018

    Microsoft Office 365 offers excellent email encryption capabilities that ensures your company’s important communications are kept safe. But are there...

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    How prepared are enterprises for the impending GDPR?

    13 Feb., 2018

    New research report finds less than 10% of North American organizations are ready for GDPR.

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    Data on 800,000 telecom customers exposed

    9 Feb., 2018

    Switzerland’s largest telecoms company has suffered a data breach which has exposed information on 800,000 customers, roughly ten percent of the...

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    Cloud will comprise 95 Percent of all data center traffic by 2021

    7 Feb., 2018

    According to Cisco’s Global Cloud Index, it is expecting to see the number of what it calls hyperscale data centers to nearly double to 628 by the...

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