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More data security in Microsoft Planner and To Do with eperi

19 Feb., 2024

In contrast to the traditional management of specialist teams, modern companies today rely on an active transfer of knowledge between departments and...

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An eperitastic Christmas Story

19 Dec., 2023

Silently the city lies under a cover of snow, in the bitterly cold winter only the crunching of boots can be heard as one walks through the snow....

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Maximum efficiency and security with the eperi® REST Protection Proxy for ServiceNow

11 Oct., 2023

Data builds the foundation in today's dynamic business world. But how can it be used efficiently and securely in equal measure? ServiceNow is used by...

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Privacy-Compliant Marketing Automation: How to use tools without compromise

4 Jul., 2023

In today's digital world, where customer contacts and interactions take place across multiple channels, it is crucial for companies to engage in...

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The latest news from the eperi® product range and staff employment areas

23 Jun., 2023

For almost 20 years now, we have been making a fundamental contribution with our eperi® Gateway to giving companies back sovereignty over their data.   

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Why should Backups be a fundamental element of every company's IT-Security strategy?

9 May., 2023

In the face of ever-changing cyber threats and attacks, concerns about vulnerabilities in IT-Security are growing significantly for many companies....

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How to protect sensitive data reliably in the Salesforce Cloud?

17 Feb., 2023

Over the last few years, digitalization, new working models and rapid economic changes have made it more imperative than ever for business processes...

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Outlook for year 2023

18 Jan., 2023

What are the most important trends in the IT Security industry in the year ahead? Some insights and new perspectives from eperi as we approach the...

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Biden & Schoenbohm - Uncertainty is growing!

17 Oct., 2022

After revelations about Schoenbohm and Biden's executive order, we need a clear line on data protection more than ever.

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ESG: Another reason to take data protection seriously

10 Aug., 2022

ESG is not very common yet, but it is becoming increasingly popular in Germany as well.

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New US-EU Privacy Shield agreement far off in the distance

23 Mar., 2022

With its current ruling on surveillance, the Supreme Court makes it clear that there will be no new EU-US Privacy Shield agreement.

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The Schrems II ruling - Now finally clear guidelines

22 Jul., 2021

In July 2020, the European Court of Justice issued the judgement "C-311/18" (Schrems II judgment), overturning the US Privacy Shield. Until then,...

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GDPR-compliant Data Protection in Microsoft 365

24 Sep., 2020

As more and more companies are pursuing a cloud first strategy, users access cloud applications such as Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Teams at any time...

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Do your own Teams: How eperi created the MS Teams template

28 Aug., 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for remote access work tools, which has also increased the number of Microsoft Teams users. This was...

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Interview with Safety Detectives

21 Aug., 2020

eperi CEO and founder Elmar Eperiesi-Beck had a chat with Safety Detectives. In this interview he spoke about his journey, the founding of eperi, the...

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