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Enterprises label cyber attacks as their main concern to business

8 Mar., 2018

It has been revealed that cyber attacks are quickly becoming the No.1 risk to businesses, brands, operations and financials according to the latest SonicWall Threat Report.

The study also found that there were 9.32 billion malware attacks in 2017 with more than 12,500 new Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) reported in the same year.

Despite global attacks such as WannaCry and NotPetya stealing the headlines last year, the number of ransomware attacks fell by 71% to 184 million during the year. However, the report did state the number of variants increased by 101.2 percent.

The numbers make for a frank read: hackers are constantly evolving the tricks up their sleeves to cause disruption on systems.

Cyber criminals are unforgiving animals that will feed off the smallest crack in an organizations defense, with a total disregard for what industry or sector they’re in.

The reality of the situation is that it is highly likely that an organization will suffer a cyber attack at some point – it is about how prepared that organization is to deal with that attack, which is crucial.

It is now expected that security is taken seriously by consumers, so are organizations making it extremely difficult for hackers to penetrate their four walls to gain access to their critical data? Or will they only address the issue when the damage is done with millions of data records exposed across the web?

Having adequate security solutions in place that protects the company’s critical assets will not only save the company financially, but it will also enhance their reputation and trust among their customers. Additionally, it will also act as a deterrent to future hackers from targeting that organization. Solutions that incorporate Encryption or Tokenisation to protect sensible data act as torch bearers for the cyber security industry, especially when data protection is the main focus for the organization.

With cyber attacks being the No.1 concern for businesses, solutions like the eperi Gateway will be the No.1 solution to calm any data security nerves.

Source: www.helpnetsecurity.com

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