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New report exposes heightened concern for lack of cybersecurity skills in the cloud

5 Apr., 2018

A recent report entitled the 2018 Cloud Security Report from Crowd Research Partners paints a pretty bleak picture of the information security community’s view on the future of cybersecurity.

What is the DPIA and How Does It Fit into Your Company's Compliance GuidelinesIt shows that security concerns are on the rise, while there is a lack of qualified security staff to deal with the problems compounded by an abundance of outdated security tools.

Other important trends in the report include:

  • The top three cloud security challenges include protecting against data loss and leakage, data privacy and breaches of confidentiality
  • Misconfiguration of cloud platforms highlighted as the single biggest threat to cloud security
  • Cybersecurity professionals struggle with visibility into cloud infrastructure security, compliance and consistency
  • Encryption of data at rest and data in motion top the list of the most effective cloud security technologies

Of course, we agree that encryption rightly deserves its place at the top of the best cloud data protection technologies. In fact, it can help solve a whole host of problems identified in the 2018 Cloud Security Report. Firstly, misconfigurations in cloud platform environments, which we have written about extensively in the past. The damage can certainly be minimized through use of a comprehensive encryption solution that renders data useless, even if inadvertently exposed.

Secondly, an encryption platform like the eperi Gateway offers data protection and compliance via a single point of architectural control prior to sensitive data being stored or processed in cloud applications, allowing organizations to centrally enforce data protection policies in a multi-cloud environment.

Thirdly, this increased visibility and control can contribute significantly to compliance efforts. One of the most common hurdles an organization can fall down at is proving that it is in control of the entire data protection measures, for example the encryption keys that are the means to unlock data stored in the cloud. A thorough encryption strategy will take this into account and combined with the right technology, should go a long way towards turning the bleak findings of the report into a positive step for the cloud and companies using it securely.

The complete 2018 Cloud Security Report can be downloaded here.

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