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    EU GDPR: The Essentials at a Glance (Part 1) - What Is GDPR?

    25 Aug., 2017

    In effort to quickly bring companies up to speed on the looming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as recent press has suggested that only...

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    Cybersecurity Firms Become New Target for Cyber Attacks

    21 Aug., 2017

    Cyber security analysts have become the latest target for attack after security firm is hit by data breach.

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    Don’t let data security concerns hold you back from using Microsoft Office 365

    18 Aug., 2017

    Microsoft Office 365 adoption has steadily grown, but second thoughts about GDPR compliance may be holding some organizations back. Here's what...

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    Enterprises should investigate risks for data breaches when using third party cloud data processors

    16 Aug., 2017

    The management of Talk Talk must be feeling very unluckily to be fined yet again and to be in the news for all the wrong reasons. Or is this type...

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    Creditseva Data Breach: Personal And Sensitive Data Exposed

    14 Aug., 2017

    Security researchers uncover data breach at credit services firm which left thousands exposed with sensitive information available to view on the...

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    Car Rental Company Hertz Fined For Data Breach

    9 Aug., 2017

    French Watchdog issues fine to car rental company Hertz for allowing data leak of 36,000 customers, making it the first of its kind in France....

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    Protecting Information in the Cloud

    7 Aug., 2017

    No IT security technology can preclude the possibility of a successful attack on corporate systems and applications. However, if the worst-case...

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    Only 2 % of companies ready for GDPR with nine months to go

    2 Aug., 2017

    Research has shown disparity in how many companies think they are ready for GDPR versus how many actually are prepared. Don’t be caught in the...

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    Third-party data processor causes data breach for Italy’s largest Bank, strengthening the call to encrypt all data

    28 Jul., 2017

    Italy’s biggest lender UniCredit has been hit by two data breachs in the last 10 months with blame directed at a third party provider, affecting...

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    Biggest data breach in Swedish history stemmed from unprotected databases in the cloud

    26 Jul., 2017

    News is unravelling about the Swedish government exposing not only the personal data on millions of its citizens, but also data on its road,...

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    The countdown until GDPR

    20 Jul., 2017

    With GDPR around the corner, organisations need to be fully prepared to secure any sensitive data held within the enterprise. Failure to do so...

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    Who is responsible for cloud data security? The SaaS vendor or the enterprise?

    10 Feb., 2017

    This is a critical question challenging many enterprises today. Ask this question to different roles in an enterprise and I promise you’ll get...

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    eperi Secures Modern Energy Management

    29 Apr., 2016

    An entire town’s energy supply – managed intelligently by software that recognizes usual consumption patterns and knows where energy is created...

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