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The Limitations of Salesforce Platform Encryption

5 Oct., 2017

If you've spent any amount of time recently reading about the GDPR and how it's going to affect companies large and small all around the world,...

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Cyberattacks rising with more data being stolen

29 Sep., 2017

Numbers from the latest Gemalto Breach Level Index have been released and shows that more data records have been lost/stolen in the first half of...

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World’s top four accountancy firm hit by a cyber attack

28 Sep., 2017

Something is seriously wrong when you hear Deloitte have suffered a data breach. Aren’t they well known for their cyber security services? What did...

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Microsoft steps up its encryption game

26 Sep., 2017

Microsoft unveils new secure solution to protect that will keep data protected, even from themselves. Every step towards better protection for cloud...

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EU GDPR: The Essential Facts at a Glance (Part 5) - Not all encryption solutions are created equal

26 Sep., 2017

Through this series, we have explored how encryption is an effective means of securing data itself and helping organizations to reduce the scope of...

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EU GDPR: The Essential Facts at a Glance (Part 4) - Responsibilities – Who looks after the data?

19 Sep., 2017

Passing new legislation will inevitably require change and GDPR is no different, leading to modifications in both the way data is processed and the...

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Equifax breached – private data of 143 million people stolen

14 Sep., 2017

Major credit reporting agency breached revealing the sensitive data of over 143 million people including 44 million UK citizens.

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EU GDPR: The Essential Facts at a Glance (Part 3) - The Current State of Cloud Projects

12 Sep., 2017

While it is vital for organizations to understand the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation and what it means for their use of sensitive...

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How Data Breach Notification of an US security firm could have been avoided following GDPR rules

6 Sep., 2017

Another data exposure where organizations are still holding sensitive personal data unsecured on cloud servers. More poignant when you consider the...

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EU GDPR: The Essentials at a Glance (Part 2) - Why GDPR affects the entire Organization

5 Sep., 2017

In the first part of our getting to grips with GDPR series, we covered the new regulation and what is meant by data controllers and data processors...

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Phishing attackers have found security loop holes in Office 365

4 Sep., 2017

Cyber attackers have become even more sophisticated as they begin to target cloud providers with innovative phishing methods.

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GDPR Compliance: Move over CIOs, there’s a new sheriff in town

1 Sep., 2017

IT security, infrastructure or operations have long been responsible for an enterprise’s data security requirements when various business departments...

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Uber agrees to 20 years of privacy audits to settle FTC charges

28 Aug., 2017

Taxi giant Uber escapes major fines despite major data security failures for both customers and employees.

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EU GDPR: The Essentials at a Glance (Part 1) - What Is GDPR?

25 Aug., 2017

In effort to quickly bring companies up to speed on the looming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as recent press has suggested that only 2%...

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Cybersecurity Firms Become New Target for Cyber Attacks

21 Aug., 2017

Cyber security analysts have become the latest target for attack after security firm is hit by data breach.

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