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Office workers are a cyber threat putting their employers at great risk

18 Dec., 2017

Latest research indicates organizations should be worried by their employees and their attitude to security.

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New Dark Web Database Exposes 1.4 Billion Passwords

14 Dec., 2017

With passwords failing us, it’s time for consumers and businesses to step up security.

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$96 billion – that is the estimated cyber security spend for 2018

12 Dec., 2017

Security spend will rise for 2018 but the right investments in security is needed.

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UK MPs Take to Twitter to Disclose Poor Password Practices

7 Dec., 2017

Government workers admit to sharing passwords on social media – and security professionals lose their minds.

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Thirty-Seven Percent of Companies Aren't Prepared for GDPR Compliance - Is Your Organization One of Them?

4 Dec., 2017

Enterprise companies only have a few months left to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. A new study reports many organizations still...

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No Cybersecurity Staff? Turn to Software Solutions

1 Dec., 2017

The world is in short supply of cybersecurity personnel.

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Security For The Internet Might Be Right Around The Corner

29 Nov., 2017

Aimed at protecting against future cyber attacks, security researchers and scientists have developed a new defense mechanism with encryption at the...

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What is the DPIA and How Does It Fit into Your Company's Compliance Guidelines?

27 Nov., 2017

If you've been ignoring the DPIA and how it fits into your company's GDPR compliance guidelines, it's time to pay more attention. Here's what you...

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400 of the world’s top websites are recording users’ keystrokes

24 Nov., 2017

Uber hushed up; your keystrokes are being tracked; and staying safe online this festive period. These news caught our eye this week.

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Keep Going with GDPR Preparations - Brexit will not affect Compliance Efforts

24 Nov., 2017

The UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office has confirmed it will still honor binding corporate rules on data protection.

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Uber Security Breach Proves We Have a Long Way To Go When It Comes to Protecting Customers

23 Nov., 2017

A covered up security breach from 2016 is causing more controversy for the ride sharing company, Uber.

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Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Trends to Watch in 2018

20 Nov., 2017

With 2018 swiftly approaching, we take a look at what we think will be the top trends in cybersecurity and data privacy for the year ahead.

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Office 365 Exchange Phishing Attack Shows How Important Strong Data Protection Controls Can Be

17 Nov., 2017

More than 100 million phishing emails have been sent to Microsoft Office 365 Exchange users in 2017. Find out what happened and why strong encryption...

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3 Important Data Protection Regulation Requirements You Should Know if You Use Cloud Services

15 Nov., 2017

New data protection regulations are instituted all the time. Here are three important regulation requirements your company should know about if you...

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4 Reasons Why Additional Cloud Data Encryption Protection Can Help Your Business

13 Nov., 2017

Sometimes the default data encryption offered by cloud services could use a boost to help protect enterprise companies. Here's why.

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