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Security For The Internet Might Be Right Around The Corner

29 Nov., 2017

Aimed at protecting against future cyber attacks, security researchers and scientists have developed a new defense mechanism with encryption at the heart of the solution.

A break through has been made in the cyber security industry that could give security personnel the upper hand in the fight against cyber crime. Scientists have developed a new system with high speed encryption properties that drives quantum computers to create theoretically hack-proof forms of data encryption.

The currently unnamed system is capable of creating and distributing encryption codes at a faster and more efficient rate than what is currently available on the market. The technique would prevent the most common of cyber attacks, even in the face of equipment flaws that could exploit leaks.

The only way for the system to work is if the hacker and the sender have access to the same key. This is why the key must remain protected at all times. Despite the prototype using a weakened laser to encode information of transmitted keys on individual photons of light, the photon can hold more information, which speeds up the overall procedure. To get a better understanding of the features click here.

“We are now likely to have a functioning quantum computer that might be able to start breaking the existing cryptographic codes in the near future,” said Daniel Gauthier, Professor at The Ohio State University. “We really need to be thinking hard now of different techniques that we could use for trying to secure the internet,” Gauthier added in the paper that appeared in the journal ‘Science Advances’.

With the system still in its infancy and a while away from being introduced to the market, those looking for an encryption based data protection solution that already supports post quantum cryptography and has racked up over 10 years protecting the data of corporations and organizations around the world, eperi offers that and more with the eperi Data Protection solutions.

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