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Office workers are a cyber threat putting their employers at great risk

18 Dec., 2017

Latest research indicates organizations should be worried by their employees and their attitude to security.

A new report has found that 99% of office workers have confessed to making at least one action that could impact their company’s overall security. Over 1.000 office workers were asked for the survey and the majority had stated that they did at least one potentially dangerous activity which included sharing or auto-saving passwords or sending work documents to personal accounts of devices. In addition, 24% have stated that they use the same login details for both work and personal accounts with 96% admitting to auto-saving passwords for both work accounts and work devices. If this were the case and an attacker gained access to an employee’s system, this gives the attack free reigns to access anything they wished on that individuals computer due to the security barriers being essentially disabled.

Another alarming stat uncovered was that roughly two thirds of the respondents claimed they send work documents from their work account to their personal account or email at least once a week. Furthermore, 49% of IT workers had claimed they accessed company documents after leaving the company which is an increase by 28% in 2015. This apparent nonchalant attitude towards security by employees should be a mayday signal for organizations to take appropriate measures in order to detect and protect sensitive data across their systems. Failure to do so and the potential risk of exposing confidential business data or information grows with every personal account connected to the enterprises infrastructure.

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