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    GDPR for Marketers

    26 Oct., 2017

    With the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on the horizon, one might be forgiven for thinking it’s just an issue for IT security teams. In...

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    How Shadow IT Has Created Big Problems for DLP in the Cloud

    24 Oct., 2017

    Shadow IT is making data loss prevention near impossible. With new security regulations on the way, finding unauthorized apps and devices and...

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    Insider data leaks at UK retailer leaves staff furious

    23 Oct., 2017

    Every organization has the potential to be hit by an insider threat and this needs to be understood by all levels of a business. Is there anything...

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    Brits 20 times more likely to be defrauded online than held up in the street

    19 Oct., 2017

    The first ever NCSC report reaffirms the importance of data protection at the heart of security.

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    How to Improve Office 365 Encryption to Meet GDPR Standards

    18 Oct., 2017

    Microsoft Office 365 is used by millions of daily users who store personal data in the cloud. With the GDPR and its new cybersecurity standards...

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    7 Interesting Takeaways from the Global Cloud Security Study

    16 Oct., 2017

    The Ponemon Institute’s global survey of over 3000 IT security professionals reveals some interesting takeaways about on the cloud data security of...

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    Spotlight on Amazon Cloud Security – Lax security practices and their devastating consequences

    13 Oct., 2017

    With a spate of Amazon S3 data repository breaches making the news recently, we look at why this is and what companies need to do to protect...

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    4 Ways Your Cloud Data is at Risk

    12 Oct., 2017

    Last year, more than one billion records were compromised by cyber attacks. With more companies moving to the cloud, that number is likely to...

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    GDPR Compliance Between Expectations and Reality

    10 Oct., 2017

    With GDPR expected to revolutionize the way enterprises store, use and protect personal data, it’s a worrying state of affairs to learn many...

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    Uncovered - 3 myths surrounding GDPR

    6 Oct., 2017

    There is a shroud of mystery when the European General Data Protection Regulation is mentionedand it’s a feeling that is common throughout Europe and...

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    The Limitations of Salesforce Platform Encryption

    5 Oct., 2017

    If you've spent any amount of time recently reading about the GDPR and how it's going to affect companies large and small all around the world,...

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    Cyberattacks rising with more data being stolen

    29 Sep., 2017

    Numbers from the latest Gemalto Breach Level Index have been released and shows that more data records have been lost/stolen in the first half of...

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    World’s top four accountancy firm hit by a cyber attack

    28 Sep., 2017

    Something is seriously wrong when you hear Deloitte have suffered a data breach. Aren’t they well known for their cyber security services? What did...

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    Microsoft steps up its encryption game

    26 Sep., 2017

    Microsoft unveils new secure solution to protect that will keep data protected, even from themselves. Every step towards better protection for cloud...

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    EU GDPR: The Essential Facts at a Glance (Part 5) - Not all encryption solutions are created equal

    26 Sep., 2017

    Through this series, we have explored how encryption is an effective means of securing data itself and helping organizations to reduce the scope of...

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