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Maximum efficiency and security with the eperi® REST Protection Proxy for ServiceNow

11 Oct., 2023

Data builds the foundation in today's dynamic business world. But how can it be used efficiently and securely in equal measure? ServiceNow is used by many companies as a catalyst to maximize efficiency and increase effectiveness. The increasing need to streamline workflows has made this Cloud-Service an indispensable application of the modern business landscape.
While the platform was once introduced as an IT service management (ITSM) tool, it has since evolved into a comprehensive and leading process automation solution. Because of its wide range of capabilities that streamline business processes, improve collaboration and optimize customer experience, ServiceNow now acts as a driving force for digital transformation in many organizations. 
The potential risks to sensitive data that may accompany the use of ServiceNow are important to consider when implementing and during the deployment of the Cloud-based application. Given the multitude of users, interfaces and data, it quickly becomes clear why additional security measures such as encryption are essential for the use of this web application. 
Ultimately, it's equally about protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access and providing users with the best possible user experience, whether you're an IT help desk professional or an end user.

The benefits of ServiceNow for businesseBlog_Service_Now_October_2023_2

  • Efficient process automation: ServiceNow enables companies to automate manual and time-consuming processes. This creates room for employees to save valuable time and direct their energy to strategic tasks.
  • Better collaboration: The platform creates an environment where the collaboration across departments is supported and encouraged. It serves as a central point for communication and collaborative work. This makes it easier to share information and solve problems faster.
  • Optimized customer experience: By using ServiceNow, companies can improve their customer service by handling requests and issues more efficiently. This helps increase customer satisfaction and build long-term business relationships.
  • Better decision making: ServiceNow provides comprehensive insights into business data that can help make informed decisions. Dashboards and reports provide real-time information on key metrics and performance measures.
  • Scalability and flexibility: As a cloud-based solution, ServiceNow enables companies to scale their resources as needed. This feature proves particularly beneficial during periods of growth or change.

Risks for personal data

Using a Cloud-Platform such as ServiceNow requires careful consideration of data privacy and compliance requirements. Companies must ensure that the processing of sensitive data complies with applicable regulations. 
The risk of data loss due to technical failures, security breaches or human error is always present when data is stored in the Cloud. Hackers can also attempt to access sensitive data at any time. Companies must implement robust security measures to prevent unauthorized access. Solid data encryption prevents data in plain text from falling into the wrong hands.

The importance of additional security measures - the eperi® REST Protection Proxy

Blog_Service_Now_October_2023 (1)Despite ServiceNow's native security features, it makes sense and is recommended to use additional security measures such as encryption when deploying the application to adequately protect sensitive data. Strong encryption protects data from unauthorized access by ensuring that even in the event of a data leak, the stolen information remains unreadable to third parties, making it worthless. With the eperi® REST Protection Proxy, the new encryption service from eperi®, business-critical data can be protected without restricting the use of ServiceNow. Data from many business areas such as facilities management, human resources, customer service, or legal and finance can be encrypted/tokenized based on individually defined rules. Sensitive data in various file formats can be used without hesitation during work processes, which exploits the full range of ServiceNow's application possibilities.


ServiceNow undoubtedly makes a major contribution to helping companies optimize their internal processes and achieve their business goals. However, the Cloud-based nature of the platform also comes with security risks that need to be diligently addressed. By carefully weighing the benefits and risks and implementing appropriate security measures, companies can maximize the potential of ServiceNow while protecting the integrity of their sensitive data.



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