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GDPR-compliant Data Protection in Microsoft 365

24 Sep., 2020

As more and more companies are pursuing a cloud first strategy, users access cloud applications such as Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Teams at any time and from any device type. However, regulatory requirements such as the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and industry regulations stipulate that PII and critical data should never be shared with unauthorized third parties.

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At least since the European Court of Justice's ruling on the Privacy Shield, the use of American cloud services has presented companies with seemingly insurmountable challenges. That’s where the eperi Gateway comes in.

eperi Gateway

This security solution enables companies to protect cloud-based data content using cutting-edge data pseudonymization standards. And the most important thing: End users won’t notice any difference and can use key Microsoft 365 functionalities in the cloud with no restrictions.The eperi solution ensures that all sensitive information is encrypted before it is transferred to the Microsoft 365 cloud.


20010 eperi infografik-ms-teams - final - frameFigure 1: eperi Cloud Data Protection for Microsoft 365

The eperi Gateway enables companies to move into the M365 cloud in compliance with the law. In Outlook, e-mail subjects, e-mail bodies and attachments can be encrypted while preserving search and sort functionalities. Furthermore, calendar entries with event titles and their descriptions can be protected by the eperi Gateway and synchronized with Microsoft Teams. Besides emails, also documents in OneDrive and SharePoint can be encrypted, while previewing, uploading and downloading are still possible with browser, mobile devices and local clients. Finally, chat messages, channels and files in Microsoft Teams can also be encrypted in real-time, while retaining business-relevant functionalities and the integration with other M365 applications. Anywhere and anytime - the eperi Gateway supports various devices such as Windows clients, Mac clients, web browsers (e.g. OWA), mobile devices (e.g. ActiveSync) as well as integration with special third party solutions such as the Quest migration tools. 

eperi encryption in action:

With the eperi Gateway, customers stay in control of their data – at any time. All sensitive data is encrypted before it leaves the company and is stored in the cloud. This is how the eperi Gateway prevents data from being misused by the cloud provider or externals. As a result, no restricted data is available in the cloud. Thus, without the eperi Gateway, unauthorized users cannot read, search, upload or download the content of your files.

eperi_eperiGateway_Teams_Message-1Figure 2: Encryption of Microsoft Teams chats with eperi


On the other hand, business-relevant functionalities will continue to be supported on desktop clients, web browsers and mobile devices. Companies face no interruption issue thanks to the seamless integration between the eperi Gateway and M365 applications.

eperi_eperiGateway_Teams-Search_newFigure 3: Integrated Microsoft 365 search function in Outlook


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No matter if you already use the M365 cloud or plan to introduce it in your organization – eperi will give you the ability to control and protect your data in the cloud! We look forward to your project.

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The authors:

Georg Gütschow
Osman Celik

Product Management
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