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Survey reveals CISOs lack confidence when it comes to keeping up with cyber attackers

18 Jan., 2018

CISOs are feeling less confident than ever about cybersecurity.

A Ponemon Institute study released this week that surveyed over 600 risk managers shows 67% believe their companies are more likely to fall victim to a data breach or cyber attack in 2018. A further 56% cited the inability to keep up with the sophistication of attackers as a reason for data breaches over the coming year.

The study asked participants to predict what challenges their organizations might face in 2018 and over half of the respondents (53%) admitted that they expected to experience a data breach involving 10,000 or more customer or employee records and half also expected a leakage of business confidential information. Furthermore, 44% said third party misuses or shares of confidential information with other third parties would affect their companies this year and 60% were concerned about a data breach involving a third party partner or vendor.

A further 45% admitted to fearing that they could lose their jobs in the aftermath of a data breach and 69% said their jobs would be more stressful in 2018.

This is a pretty telling and somewhat scary picture of the security landscape in 2018.  Although bleak, a more encouraging 50% said that they expected more involvement from the board when it comes to IT security practices, with only 12% saying the board would be less involved than the previous year.

To combat fears and stresses, it’s important for CISOs to take back the power from cyber attackers and realize that (a) they are not alone and (b) there are technology options out there that could help ease their minds when it comes to the security of their organization’s data. Particularly when it comes to the transfer and storage of data in the cloud, encryption gateways, such as the eperi Gateway, are a solid option for maintaining the security and integrity of confidential and sensitive data.

With encryption at the core to corporate strategies in protecting sensitive information, CISOs can rest easier that even in the event of a breach, data cannot be opened, read or sold to the highest bidder without the means to decrypt it.

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