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EU Websites Failing to Meet GDPR Compliance

12 Apr., 2018

With the European General Data Protection Regulation set for May 25, the deadline for organizations to be compliant is less than 45 days away. Yes, time is running out, but surely companies around Europe are ready and compliant for what is going to be the biggest change to data privacy policy since the introduction of the European Data Protection Act of 1998?

GDPR-updatesWell, that’s not the case according to the latest findings by vpnMentor, which analyzed 100 websites from each EU member that used the email marketing service, MailChimp.

The report found that just over a third (34%) of websites across the EU are compliant at present, with the UK falling slightly lower at 31% whereas Germany was ranked number one with 67% of websites found to be compliant. Following in second place was Austria (59%), Italy (51%), Cyprus (50%) and Malta (50%) rounded off the list.

Old privacy policies were the common issue discovered amongst the websites investigated. In some cases, there were websites showcasing no privacy policy which strongly indicate that enterprises are in no fit shape to meet the strict data privacy requirements that become law at the end of May.

If an organization was to use this email distribution platform, then it would have to adhere to the strict GDPR guidelines around data privacy and security, introducing a level of transparency will also be required as we move towards the GDPR era.

Source: infosecurity-magazine.com

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